What Happened in 62?

Setting up the blog

By Alice on May 29, 2013

​Hey guys. So, I am not really that great at blogging, or writing down my thoughts but with everything going on now seems like a good time to get better at it.

I am going to work on posting things here more often, so that everyone can keep up with what is going on. So far, I have opened a trunk that belonged to my late grandmother and figured I would look into where everything had come from, only it didn’t come from anywhere apparently. None of the places that she makes reference to exist anymore, and so I asked “Where is Pima?” and luckily for me, you guys answered!

Pima, New Mexico may have existed at some point but it isn’t there now. The weird thing is that you guys told me about it because there is a video game coming out that uses that place as one of the settings. Not only that but there are a ton of other connections to that game and my grandmother as well. I don’t know what my grandmother has to do with a game, or why a video game would be made about her job in the 1960’s, unless she was part of something really big…. and strange.


At this point I am not sure what to think, I am just going to keep searching and hope that the pieces start to fit together.


Something in the trunk

By Alice on May 29, 2013


The Citizens Aware

By Alice on May 20, 2013






Welcome to my blog. I am posting things here because what started as me looking into my grandmother’s past has turned into something much bigger. It looks like she was involved in some sort of secret organization. Not only that, but a lot of what I am learning about her seems linked to a video game. I am trying to figure it all out, and appreciate all of the help that I can get!